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Quantities / Estimate / Cost Control

Measure twice aims to make the building process easier, clearer and less stressful by careful and detailed forward planning and costings.

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Our role is cost control! - for YOU ! 

Whether you are building your house yourself, a commercial building, or even a subdivision, we can help.

From a quick check of costs to see if your idea is within your budget, to more detailed estimates, through to tenders and supplier quotes so you are in the financial loop - as it were. Not wondering if you are paying too much or getting value for money.

Let us become part of your next exciting build project.

 Kevin Marks from Measure Twice is expert at providing genuine and accurate estimates, ensuring projects run smoothly,
and that the final structure behaves exactly as it should. While taming difficult sites and full project management are Kevin’s specialties, he’s often called on by fellow professionals to collaborate on projects at short notice to help meet critical deadlines and keep projects moving. Kevin’s credentials and contacts ensure you get the appropriate design solution that performs properly and costs what it should.


Time and money!

Measured Twice’s pragmatic approach to planning ensure every minute detail has been checked, double checked and reviewed well before any construction begins. Being fastidious, regardless how small the detail promotes an efficient construction and mitigates costly hold-up and last minute changes. We work closely with our contractors and suppliers, giving them the information they need to cost accurately and efficiently. When unexpected events do happen we focus our resources on a fast resolution to prevent delays.


Cost, quality & performance



  1. On site measuring of actual versus budgeted costs and quantities     

  2. Scheduling build to bring all elements together

  3. Financial and budget management from Concept plan estimates and merging this with actual supplier and subcontractor quotes.

  4. Managing any changes in the build programme or costs.


  1. Full house package – work out quantities to send out to builders, suppliers and subcontractors

  2. New Build – Cost Estimates for budgets

  3. Define Scope of Works so nothing is left out of your budget

  4. Costs of Slip repairs, Foundation failures.


  1. For difficult access sites.

  2. On alternatives; retaining wall types, their suitability to the site, advantages & disadvantages

  3. Work in with your architect or engineer to get the best result for You

  4. Insurance cost reviews for slip repairs, wall failures or foundation stabilising

  5. Preliminary cost estimates to help you make decisions at the planning stage.


We are committed to getting the best results for our clients, and look forward to working with you. Questions, comments or quote requests? We would love to hear from you.


35 Fantail Drive, Maungatapu, Tauranga



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Quantities / Estimate / Cost Control

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