At Measure Twice we are encouraging further use of sustainable building materials, new technologies and eco-friendly designs.

Building within Budget 

Timber Technologies

Timber is a sustainable resource that locks up carbon for its entire lifetime.
New timber products such as Cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated and Laminated veneer lumber are a few products allowing timber to be used in new ways.

Value for Money- align budget with desires

Designs to improve comfort and energy conservation

At Measure Twice we support sustainable designs and can provide cost estimates for the Integration of new building products into designs for net-zero energy houses

Design & Finances aligned

Solar Tiles, Passive-flow house designs...

New and better ways of using existing products to better use in design and new products that use recycled materials or improve performance such as Solar shingles, 3D Printing, Edge insulation for concrete floors and others.

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Measure twice specialise in practical, budget-conscious solutions for difficult sites.


I have formed Measured Twice with a view to making the building budget part of the design process so you get what you want within budget.

After studying Production and Management and Mathematics at University until I focused my attention on the Building and Construction industry in the late eighties and started off pricing and estimating before combining this with practical building experience and my own businesses as a foundation and retaining wall contractor.

In recent years, the quantity surveying and estimating skills have been expanded by working with various housing firms and for larger corporate firms specializing in foundations, slip repair works and building in general.

My aim is to make the building process easier, clearer and less stressful by careful and detailed forward planning and costings at the start and then develop the budget as the project develops in a transparent manner.



Quantities / Estimate / Cost Control

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