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Advantages of using a Quantity Surveyor

  • Although often considered a service more likely to be used by a commercial project or large-scale projects, there are many potential benefits that can be had for the Residential build or even the home Renovation project. Here are a few points to consider and to view as an alternative way to manage and interact with your proposed residential build as opposed to the traditional "Get quotes from a builder or two" method. Enjoy !

  • A Schedule of Quantities sets out the quantity, as well as quality, of all the component parts necessary within the construction of the works

  • Quantities are measured by the Quantity Surveyor (QS) in accordance with the drawings and specifications provided by design consultants.

  • Ensures that all contractors tendering for the project will be able to price on exactly the same information, confirming like-for-like tender submissions.

  • Limits the risk element borne by the contractor to the rates he enters within their tender submissions.

  • Provides a solid foundation in regards to the assessment of variations, which often occurs throughout the project.

  • The itemised list format, of the component parts of the building, greatly assists the successful contractor in assessing his supply and labour requirements for the contracted works.

  • Allows the same basis for cost comparison between tenders, thus providing quicker and fairer tender assessment.

  • Priced Schedules of Quantities are valuable resources for cost analysis, which subsequently will be utilised on future contracts in terms of cost planning work and benchmarking.

  • Consultant quantity surveyors have a chance to sort out discrepancies or errors in drawings and specifications during BoQ preparation.

  • Reduces the inherent risk of the possibility of inadequate quantities being utilised when accepting the lowest tender bid.

  • It decreases the tenderers overheads for measurement, which may eventually be reflected in their final tender price submission.

  • Quantities are prepared by the consultant QS, ensuring quality of the SoQ.

  • Easier to assess Progress Payments (PP) by referencing the firm quantities, which prevents over-certification in monthly claims