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Building Cost Estimation

Working out an estimate of the cost to build your proposed project based on average market rates.

Building Cost Estimation by Measure Twice in Tauranga, New Zealand

What is Building Cost Estimation?

Estimating cots for a building project is complex and takes into account the type of building, the materials used, the location and the required labour. Planning ahead, keeping organised and having someone to step in and do all the calculations for you means that you can rest assured that nothing gets missed. Having a Building Cost Estimation done means that you will have a financial blueprint covering the entire project plus a schedule of quantities to include all elements.


No unpleasant surprises

Planning ahead means that you are minimising the risk of unexpected costs & fees down the road.

Sense of relief & control

Building or renovating is stressful. Being organised is the key to a smooth project from start to finish.

Planning ahead

Having a clear list of what you need is a helpful tool when planning your project and purchases.

Who needs Building Cost Estimation?

A Building Cost Estimation is ideal for anyone who is planning a build or renovation and would like clarity regarding costs and budgets. 

What's included

What you get as a part of a building cost estimation can vary from case to case but it typically include:

  • Schedule of quantities

  • Estimate of overall construction costs

  • Overheads

  • Margins

  • Professional fees

  • Local council fees


How it works


We connect and discuss your project, goals and the process involved over the phone, email or in person.


You send me your drawings & outline specifications or a scope of works related to the building project.


I do the calculations before sending you a draft report with estimated costings for your planned building project.


You provide feedback & comments before finalising the job. You can rest assured that everything's covered. 


"Kevin has been appointed as the PCG Quantity Surveyor on a few projects measuring the Work in Progress and evaluate Variations ensuring true and fair Progress Claims that gets signed off by the Engineer to the contract.

I have found Kevin to be a very professional and honest person that can be counted on to get the job done right the first time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin for the tasks that I have outlined above and I am sure that he will apply himself professionally and work in your best interests as he has done in my experience in working with him."

Gerhard van der Merwe | Capital Works

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