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Calculating accurate earthworks volumes, budgets & logistics.

Earthworks Services by Measure Twice in Tauranga, New Zealand

What is Earthworks?

Earthworks refer to the placement of soil, rocks and other materials, the movement and excavation for construction projects to create the desired contours and ground levels. 

No matter if you are creating a building platform, landscape elements or civil works for subdivisions, investing in earthworks means that you will get accurate numbers on the volumes required for the planned work. I also work with site logistics planning for example tip sites where I calculate the number and size of trucks and excavators required.


Getting the volume right

Letting a professional handle the calculations will result in a more controlled project.

Being well prepared

Having all the numbers & volumes on paper before commencing any work means that you'll be well prepared.

Keep within a budget

It is easier to work within your budget if you know what you are dealing with before getting started.

Who is it for?

For anyone who is planning earthworks, having accurate calculations done can save a lot of money and keep you within your budget. Both home owners, developers and earthworks contractors will benefit from this service. 

What's included

What's included in Earthworks Calculation Services can vary from case to case depending on your needs. Samples of what may typically be included are as follows;

  • Cut and Fill volumes including imported filling materials required

  • Topsoil stripping

  • Respread volumes & areas


How it works


We connect and discuss your project, goals and the process involved over the phone, email or in person.


You send me the site drawings with existing contours and/or spot elevations, building footprint or proposed landscaping features.


I work out the groundworks volumes and costs to give you a clear estimation to work with.


You receive documents covering all you need to be able to plan your project as accurate as possible.


"Had a fantastic experience with Measure Twice. I found Kevin to be very professional and his prices were more than fair. We were very happy with his work and we highly recommend to anyone needing fair honest pricing done.

Thanks Kevin for making this experience such a breeze."

Sara Ebdale

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