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Use modern technology for accurate building cost estimates. 

BIM services by Measure Twice in Tauranga, New Zealand

What is BIM in Quantity Surveying?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is a 3D drawing that your designer may be able to provide if they are set up for it. Using this modern technology means that Quantity Surveyors, architects, engineers and other construction experts can easily collaborate and design a structure within a single 3D model. The whole life cycle process for the project will be easily managed by everyone involved, meaning less errors and a better project outcome.


Improve Accuracy

BIM involves the use of digital models to estimate the time, cost and quantity for construction projects. 

Improve Outcomes

Making it easy for everyone involved to collaborate will result in a smoother process.

Reduce Costs

Identify potential issues early in the process & find cost-effective solutions.

Who needs BIM?

If you would like an estimate of the cost of building BIM is an advanced and accurate option that may be available for you. 

What's included

When your architect have created the 3D model of the planned building or structure my job is to do the pricing, materials takeoff and measuring based on the 3D model. Using this technology means that my work will be completed quicker and more cost effective.


How it works


We connect and discuss your project, goals and the process involved over the phone, email or in person.


You send me the IFC file of the drawings produced by your architect or designer.


I bring the IFC file into my Cost Estimation Software to use alongside your other PDF drawings.


If the IFC file contains embedded quantities I can pull these out directly in my spreadsheet.


"Hi Kevin, these are by far the most comprehensive pricing I have seen so far. Thanks for this."

Harley Wineti

"We went through the QS yesterday afternoon. It's really detailed and we appreciate what you have sent over. Thanks."

Hayden Jones | Heritage Homes New Zealand 

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