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Building Cost Management

Stay within your building budget

Building Cost Management by Measure Twice in Tauranga, New Zealand

What is Building Cost Management?

This service will provide you with accurate estimations of construction costs so you can have a clear budget to work with. It also include monitoring during the project by physical site visits as often as your lender require.


No unpleasant surprises

Planning ahead means that you are minimising the risk of unexpected costs & fees down the road.

Sense of relief & control

Building or renovating is stressful. Being organised is the key to a smooth project from start to finish.

Planning ahead

Having a clear list of what you need is a helpful tool when planning your project and purchases.

Who needs Building Cost Management?

Anyone planning a build or renovation and want to stay within their pre-determined budget limits will benefit from Building Cost Management.

What's included

What's included can vary from case to case but typically included in the Building Cost Management service is the following:

  • Schedule of Rates

  • Schedule of Quantities

  • Development Budget


How it works


We connect and discuss your project, goals and the process involved over the phone, email or in person.


I produce a schedule of pricing and development budget for a smoother journey.


I use the documents outlined in the previous step as a basis when monitoring construction costs during the project.


I will do physical site visits each month or as often as your bank or financial lender require.


“Much appreciate your ability to work through plans with sometimes conflicting details, and add your engineering expertise to boot.”

Helen Towgood

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