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Quantity Surveying & Estimating Services

Elemental Cost Estimates: Purpose, Preliminary Budget, make broad decisions on build direction : Req, Concept plans, Outline Spec​

  • Cost Plan: Purpose, greater detailed Cost Estimate, compare various materials and building methods, Req: Preliminary drawings

  • Trade Estimate: Purpose, Accurate Cost Estimate or Tender Price: Req, Working drawings, Supplier quotes.

  • Tender Package for subcontractors and suppliers to quote with.

  • Value Engineering - Costs comparisons of different materials and/or construction types.

  • Cost Managing : When, Construction phase: Purpose, Keep within Budget

  • Variations audit and review

  • Cash-flow alignment with on-site progress and Bank drawdown

  • Feasibility Cost Estimates: Purpose, often prior to purchasing land or existing buildings:

  • Groundworks - Cut and Fill volumes, Topsoil stripping: Req, Contour site plans

  • Groundworks and structures Cost Estimates & Concept designs



  1.  We work for you! That means drilling down into cost details, covering all aspects of your building costs so as to give you an accurate and complete financial blueprint of construction costs, then working through any changes in needed to deliver your ideas, at your budget point.

  2.  I strive to make initial Cost Estimates realistic so that you can make the right decisions for you and any review of quotes from Suppliers or Contractors are viewed with the purpose of making sure you are getting the best value for money possible. For you, not someone else.

  3. Personal service right through from start to finish.

  4. I focus only on a few jobs at a time, so no delays between stages and your not put on the back-burner. Once I start on your job, it's locked in.

  5.  I can provide a wide and varied range of services reducing time spent chasing information or quotes from others. See the full list of services above.

  6. Fewer overhead costs compared to most of my competitors means that I can provide you with a likewise competitive quote.

  7. Independent , not aligned with any material suppliers, builders, contractors or otherwise. As said before, I work for you. No vested interests with other parties.

  8. Constantly ensuring high Professional standard and ethics are always in place.

  9. Open-minded and flexible to work with all types of buildings , changes of (project) direction, look at alternatives and costs if the budget is being pushed.



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Quantities / Estimate / Cost Control


January 25, 2018

Quantity take-off directly and accurately from your plans in reports that are clear and easy to read. Send quantities out to each trade , supplier or sub-contractor for quoting; everyone is quoting the same thing for easy comparisons.

Building Platform Earthworks - Image.png

January 25, 2025


  • Have the ability to make changes to how you want your building to sit on site from the plans, before you fire up the machines.

  • Work out cut and fill volumes,

  • how altering the position or height of the building platform impacts earthwork costs,

  • identify the need for retaining walls and more.

  • Topsoil strip, respread and what you need to stockpile or import.

  • Analyse what volumes are needed to be imported or trucked off-site.