Estimating – Residential, Appartments, Commercial, Infrastructure  & Civil Construction.
Providing costing advise and expertise to the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Coromandel and Waikoto area's in addition to Auckland and surrounding regions.


  • Quantities of building materials - total or any particular item / trade e.g. reinforcing, roofing, topsoil, etc

  • Project guidance - methodology, new building products and services.

  • Bill of Quantities for pricing and tenders.

  • Building Estimates - at plan concept stage or specific parts - e.g retaining walls.

  • Costs comparisons of retaining wall types or foundation types including edge insulation such as Firth Hotedge.

  • Variation costs for changes during construction process.

  • Full pricing from plans to material suppliers and sub-contractor quotes

  • Pricing for sub-contractors. e.g drainlayers, concrete placers, etc

  • Manage - schedules, timelines

  • Advice and initial cost estimates, e.g. Slip repairs, foundation failures, floor insulation

  • Specifications for Council and suppliers.

  • identify early on suitable suppliers and get them involved early on in design, methodology and specification processes

  • Job analysis

  • Foundations including Ribraft, Cupolex, Engineered Foundations, Driven Piles, Screw Piles.

  • Retaining walls, Keystone, Timber, MSE walls.

  • Earthwork quantity Calculations.



  • Reduced risk of missing items and under- quoting

  • Leaders in pricing new and sustainable building technologies such as concrete floor insulation, Component building, etc

  • Look at time and financial impacts of different designs, construction methodologies, material and new products.

  • Identifying problems, more efficient design or other construction methods means no hold-up’s during the construction programme which cause delays and often financial costs to increase.

  • More accurate quoting for suppliers means more chance of winning contracts and making expected margins.

  • We are able to provide information on pricing rates and material quantities if work is to be subcontracted out or alternative suppliers to be considered .

  • Plan revisions are quickly calculated and compared for cost implications

  • We look at and identify appropriate alternatives for your site. e.g. retaining wall types..

  • Specific examples - drain layer pipe quantities, trench lengths and volumes, earthwork volumes, respread quantities, material types on site and where to use them, ribraft vs cupolex vs conventional floors - costs and advantages/ disadvantages of each - this can apply to retaining walls as well.

  • From plans, we can look at building position changes and the possible cost implications of earthworks, drainage , driveways and landscaping.

  • We put an emphasis on forward-planning and cost implications of changes and alternatives. Reducing the need for redesigns in the construction phase when such changes in direction interrupt the progress on site and typically add unnecessary extra costs because of delays and re-establishments by builders and subcontractors.

  • Earthworks; accurate cut and fill volumes

  • 3D visualisation of both site earthworks and proposed buildings.


Quantities / Estimate / Cost Control


January 25, 2018

Quantity take-off directly and accurately from your plans in reports that are clear and easy to read. Send quantities out to each trade , supplier or sub-contractor for quoting; everyone is quoting the same thing for easy comparisons.

January 25, 2025


  • Have the ability to make changes to how you want your building to sit on site from the plans, before you fire up the machines.

  • Work out cut and fill volumes,

  • how altering the position or height of the building platform impacts earthwork costs,

  • identify the need for retaining walls and more.

  • Topsoil strip, respread and what you need to stockpile or import.

  • Analyse what volumes are needed to be imported or trucked off-site.

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