Poor Cousin

I'm hoping this isn't going to sound too much like a rant, but I sometimes can't work out why when you're building a house and more often than not, borrowing substantial amounts of money, that the budgets and costs for this are often glossed-over, guessed at, roughly estimated or just plain not even done.

Of course, plans need to be drawn so that the building works well and the required aesthetics are present , Engineering designs are necessary so that the building functions as it is required, Surveying so the building is where it is meant to be, and so on.

However, the one constant that is always the over-riding factor in all of this Cost.

What will this cost me? Will I have to borrow more? Are there cheaper alternatives?

Yet, the build budget is more often than not given only cursory attention resulting in an approximation that is usually under estimated or shoehorned to fit into the limit of your borrowings in order to build your ideal home.

Where is all this going?

1. For a fraction of the cost of the building, an Estimator or Quantity Surveyor can provide you a financial plan, a working budget which will act as the financial framework for your build from design through construction.

2. A reference and benchmark for quotes and quantities and a means of evaluating alternative materials.

3. A Construction Budget that you can take to the Bank.

4. Quantity Take-off that you can send out to all suppliers and Trades so that everyone is quoting the same thing. Apples and Apples. Also, this the Sub-contractor can use this to pick up things you may have missed or suggest better ways to do something once they have seen the Trade Schedule , so it initiates discussion earlier on.

5. The resulting Schedule from the plans, if done right, should also be laid out step-by-step, how the construction of the building will run. From this it can be worked out how long your project will take to complete and how and when to order materials and book in the multitude of materials or contractors to install them.

Look, it's a complicated beast, a home. There are so many parts to pull together to make if liveable and function as it is meant to.

Don't let the budgeting and financial side of building make it any harder by doing it haphazardly.

Consider engaging an Estimator or Quantity Surveyor EARLY as part of you design team and not as some poor cousin.

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